New West Development, Inc. is a full-service site development contractor. We are federally certified as a Small Business Enterprise through Washington State OMWBE and are prequalified to bid on WSDOT projects. 

Our Objectives

Our business model focuses on 6 major operational objectives:


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Provide comprehensive onsite operations from clearing through landscaping.

Construction Management

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Coordinate the needs of all project stakeholders from pre-construction to close-out.

Schedule Analysis

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Work with owners to develop optimum project schedules.

Value Engineering

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Analyze engineering drawings to increase schedule and cost efficiency.

Budget Development

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Formulate both upfront and ongoing cost analyses to support reliable financial planning.

Innovative Solutions

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Develop innovative solutions to accomplish difficult and complex construction challenges.

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Our Markets

Professional competence, uncompromising integrity, and faithful attention to detail are the cornerstones of our business. Our professionals have developed a high level of expertise and a reputation for reliability across the full range of contracting services.

We are enthusiastic to begin work with new clients and look forward to working with our old friends once again. You can trust us with your next project enabling you to move forward with professional, efficient and accountable performance.

New West is engaged in 4 major market sectors:

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Master Planned Communities

Cultivate long term relationships with owners to facilitate development of their vision.

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Residential Site Development

Commit to developing an optimum working schedule to minimize impact costs to final products.

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Commercial Site Development

Coordinate the needs of varied interests to satisfy the goals of the end users.

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Public Works

Comply with the restrictions/demands of multiple agencies while ensuring the safety of the traveling public.

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Our Expertise

We take a great deal of pride in our work and in our co-workers who utilize proven job control systems to assure on-time, on-budget performance. Our field supervisors bring decades of experience to their jobs and have proven themselves to be safe, effective, thoughtful professionals in meeting our client’s needs and objectives.

These capabilities, coupled with an added-value approach to serving our customers that includes complete and accurate budgeting, value engineering and innovative solutions, are what set us apart from our competition.

New West Development, Inc. is dedicated to documented accountability to our clients. Our record is exemplary and our problem solving and consulting capabilities all contribute to the valuable partnerships we enjoy with our clients and business associates. Among our areas of expertise are:

Deep Utilities

Deep Utilities

Our crews have worked on installations in excess of 35′ deep. We utilize many different methods for deep utility installations depending on schedule and site constraints/conditions.

Demanding Schedules

Demanding Schedules

New West thrives on projects with demanding schedules. We work seamlessly with suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that projects are completed on or before committed deadlines.

soil remediation & treatment

Soil Remediation & Treatment

New West utilizes many different techniques to work with the variable soil conditions present in the Northwest. New West will present various options to manage specific site conditions.

Environmental Sensitive Projects

Environmentally Sensitive Projects

New West ensures that projects are completed with minimal environmental impact and within the parameters of the permitting agencies, whether we are crossing rivers or mitigating wetlands.


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Discover the difference New West Development can provide for your next project.