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Arena Sports is a family-run business focused on year-round soccer for people of all ages and abilities. Serving the Seattle, Washington area since 1995, they have grown from one modest location in South of Downtown to locations in Redmond, Issaquah, Magnuson Park, and, most recently, Mill Creek.

The seven-acre, 96,370 square foot indoor recreational complex includes two soccer fields, a warm-up field, eight bowling lanes, laser tag, an inflatable play area, party rooms, kitchen and dining areas along with storage and administrative offices.

The new facility called for a stormwater system to capture and detain the runoff from the building’s roof and other impervious surfaces. With the City of Mill Creek stormwater runoff regulations restricting any increase in flows from site-related drainage, planners had to review options carefully to ensure compliance with state and local requirements.

Engineers at Land Development Consultants selected an underground detention system made from 2,610 LF of 84” corrugated metal pipe (CMP) from Contech Engineered Solutions. Located under the parking lot, the system is made from ten, 261’ barrels connected with a 100’ header. The system provides 101, 600 CF of storage. Water collected in the system will be slowly released to the City of MillCreek stormwater system.

Contech provided support and engineering sizing estimates to help the engineer better analyze the best long term cistern solutions for the site.

Installation took place over a short time period using excavators with straps to sit the pipe, gaskets and steel bands for the joints, and a rock thrower to backfill around and between the pipe barrels.

“The project consisted of the installation of 130 pieces of 7’ diameter CMP. We were concerned that we wouldn’t have enough area to accept deliveries and organize individual components for installation,” said John Kennedy owner of New West Development. “Contech delivered each piece in the correct order required for installation. Deliveries came as scheduled and installation was seamless.”

Technical Description:

2,610′ of 84″ Aluminized Steel / Type 2

Owner: CSA Real Estate
Engineer: Land Development Consultants
Contractor: New West Development Inc.
Installation: 2017

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